DevOps, Developer

I DevOps, programming and making things fast, but more than that I want to empower other engineers around me to work in a way that maximises their time and effort. At my core I’m an inventor and problem solver who enjoys learning everything. My dream is to make a huge positive dent in the world.


Gerard (Gerry) Caulfield
+61 478 222 227
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core skills

I've managed AWS deployments using tools such as Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Buildkite; drastically sped up and simplified CI/CD pipelines; Transformed infrastructure from brittle monolyths to fault tollerant services.

Previously roles included developing and maintaing microservices. This included nine inhouse gems for for tasks ranging from interservice communication to signing of a windows executable.

I also managed the deployment, debugging and monitoring of the above services in multi AZ staging and production environments, including supporting services.

Docker, Kubernetes, git, Ruby, AWS, ELK, Serverless Framework, JavaScript/Typescript, React, Elasticsearch, Sidekiq, Puma, Rspec, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Eye, httpie, xsv, HTML, CSS, ZSH, Vim and Guard

Puppet, Munin, Monit, Capistrano/Recap, MySQL, Varnish, Haml, Angular 1, Slim, Apache, StatsD, Sass, CoffeeScript, Graphite, Ansible, Docker, Memcached, Python, Bind, Xen, PHP, C/C++, Photoshop/Illustrator and a lot more


Senior Dev

Marketplacer November 2016 - Current date

Development, platform scalability and data integrations for two of our biggest clients. Mentoring other developers. Lots of intresting ecommerce challenges. Transitioning our deploys into running via our our CI pipeline so a lot of the mental burdon could be removed from devs and everything could see exactly what was happening at any time. Speeding up CI builds.

Development of new warehouse and delivery integration. Fixing and writing tests for critical legacy fulfilment logic. Updating site design for new ad campain. Extracting common code into reuseable components. Integration with 3rd party customer analytics service. Almost all work was done in pairs and peer reviewed.

Senior Dev

Vinomofo August 2016 - November 2016

Extended break

After a ten year career, I decided to take an extended break. I fulfilled a dream of touring Japan for a few months. I then started learning tech I had long wished to look into: Angular, Docker, React, NodeJS, a much deeper deep dive into Javascript and a lot of other less notable tools.

Development of new infrastructure and projects for a third party. While primarily a development and Ops role also involved interviewing new developers and a lot of interaction with many product stakeholders.

Senior Dev / Ops (External)

Netfira Pty. Ltd. June 2014 - Dec 2015

Lead Web Dev / Lead Ops

Netfira Pty. Ltd. 2013 - Sept 2014

Development of new infrastructure and projects. Interviewing and mentoring new developers.

Managing and improving AWS infrastructure. Training other developers. Development of requested features for WebShop and associated products.

Senior Developer

Netfira Pty. Ltd. 2012 - 2013


Moodle HQ 2011 Dec - 2012 April

Development of Moodle. Planning improvements and mentoring other developers. Integration Testing. Peer code and security reviews.

Product planning. Setting up deployment infrastructure. Rolling out Futurehealth servers. Development of back and front end code for HealthEngine and Popfossa

Co-Owner / Ops / Development

Future Health Media & Technology 2009 - 2011


Buzka Pty Ltd 2008 - 2009

Working with clients on various projects. Investigating technologies of potential business partners. Further development of, our deployment infrastructure and other technologies. Managing and tutoring other developers on our team.

Planning, developing and rolling out a new deployment infrastructure. Back end coding for (now defunct). Planning and development of site wide search using a stemmed dictionary and weighted indexes. Development of BuildaCMS (CMS used by our sister company to build client websites).

Development Lead

Buzka Pty Ltd 2006 - 2008

Junior Developer

Buzka Pty Ltd 2006 - 2006

Development of back end code for, specifically it’s sign up and login system. Working on other core functionality of


Diploma Technology,
Software Development

Spherion: Institute of Technology

Finished with the majority of my marks either being an A or A+.
Achieved many test scores of 100%.

Incomplete, after realising it wasn't what I wanted to do. However I gained insights, which have been useful throughout my career.

Certificate IV Technology,
Interactive Multimedia

West Coast College